Folly Beach Trustafarian To Launch Pet Project Business Doomed For Failure

A young man living off his trust fund on Folly Beach is about to launch a new pet project business to fill his time during the day. Daniel Morgan, a.k.a. D-Mo, will open up a shop that sells vegan burritos even though he has no actual culinary experience. With the hours of operation being 1pm-4pm Monday through Thursday, the business is doomed for failure before it begins.

D-Mo is known as a trustafarian, a young adult who doesn’t have a real job and lives off the trust fund that his extremely wealthy parents created for him. Trustafarians usually adopt the bohemian lifestyle to mask the fact they were given an ultra-privileged upbringing in an all-white upper-class part of town.

When asked why he chose vegan burritos as the central theme to his business, D-Mo said, “I don’t know, mon. Like, burritos are jammin, and eating meat is bad for the earth. I’m just following my passions, mon.” D-Mo then got tired of answering our questions and went for a bike ride.

Director of Business Development for Folly Beach Jenna Price said the string of failed trustafarian businesses isn’t surprising. “Most of these smelly hippies give up on their pet projects after a month or two. The majority of them haven’t worked single a day in their lives, so when they actually have to get out of bed before noon for once, they get bored with it really quick.”

When D-Mo’s vegan burrito business fails, he’s expected to spend three weeks at a Jamaican resort to destress and recharge his chakras. When he returns to Folly Beach, he’ll go back to sleeping into the afternoon and growing marijuana plants in his attic.

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  1. R.T. Shepherd | May 23, 2016 at 1:16 pm |

    Mon, that sounds like the life I need to lead… Veggie burritos are go!

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