Downtown Woman Wearing High Heels Prepares For Treacherous Journey Across Cobblestone Road

A downtown woman wearing high heels is preparing for a treacherous journey across a Charleston cobblestone road. Heather Parker has been searching up and down the cobblestone road, trying to find a spot for safe passage, but so far has been unsuccessful.
Heather will have to make some tough decisions if she wants to safely cross the jagged road.  “I may ditch my purse and iPhone 7 Plus to shed some extra weight,” she said. “Anything to improve my stability. If I misplace a step, I’ll roll an ankle and it’s all over. I could take my shoes off and walk barefoot, but they’re too damn cute and I want everyone to see them. I’m hoping my CrossFit core work will give me an advantage.”
Charleston Fashion Expert Jessica Robinson said lowcountry women face challenges walking down the street every day. “When local women prepare to go out on the peninsula, they always forget to think about the landscape they have to cross,” she said. “With its cobblestone roads and uneven slate sidewalks, downtown Charleston is a friggin minefield for women with fancy footwear.”
Heather’s Boyfriend Brad has been waiting for her at the other side of the cobblestone road for twenty minutes. “I would have offered to help her across, but I had enough trouble negotiating the terrain in my tasseled loafers with no socks on,” he said. “We have a 5pm reservation at Amen Street, and I don’t think we’re going to make it.”
Heather will successfully get herself halfway across the cobblestone road until she’s threatened by a passing horse carriage tour. She’ll then army crawl the rest of the way to safety. When Heather and Brad go for a post-dinner walk at Waterfront Park, she’ll get stuck when her heels sink into the grass.