Downtown Rich White People Have Charity Dinner To Help Slightly Less Rich White People

The Biltmore Hotel downtown was buzzing last night with big band jazz music playing and lots of champagne being poured as the South of Broad Caucasian Society held a charity dinner to raise money for the North of Broad Caucasian Society. The money raised at the event will be used to help white families upgrade the kitchens of their vacation homes in the mountains.

Each plate at the dinner cost $1,000 and the menu consisted of four courses including filet and lobster tails. The dinner ticket also featured unlimited high-end champagne and a complimentary Get-Out-of-a-DUI card redeemable with the Charleston Police Department.

South of Broad Caucasian Director Nyles Winston was grateful for the outpour of support. “It’s good to see the fortunate members of the downtown community come together to help preserve the wealth within established families. That’s the Charleston way.”

One of the North of Broad Caucasians expressed his gratitude for the financial gift. “I don’t know what we would have done without this help,” said a misty-eyed James O’Donnell. “If it wasn’t for charity events like this, we wouldn’t be able to install a Sub-Zero refrigerator in our vacation home. It’s so tragic in its current state with a stainless steel french door Whirlpool.”

In June, both societies will come together to hold a charity regatta in the Charleston Harbor. The race will help raise funds to pay for their children’s Porter Gaud tuition.

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  2. I wish I can be part of you but being poor

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