Downtown Preppy D-Bag Getting Tossed From The Bar Wants Everyone To Know His Mom is a Lawyer at MUSC

A privileged young adult male who was getting thrown out of a crowded bar for disruptive behavior made it clear to all of the bouncers that his mother was an attorney at MUSC. Tradd Fulton threatened to “sue the shit” out of anyone who laid a hand on him, and told everyone waiting in line out front that the bar sucked and they should go somewhere else.

Witnesses report that Tradd was stumbling around the bar and screaming insults at the band for not playing Widespread Panic. After he accidentally spilled his IPA on a nearby female and blamed it on her, the bar staff decided it was time for him to go. That’s when the bouncers grabbed Tradd and brought him to the front exit while he kicked and screamed, yelling they couldn’t do that because his mom was a lawyer at MUSC.

“They have no idea who they just messed with,” said a winded Tradd. “My mom is going to take them to court sue them for a million dollars. We’ll see who’s laughing when I own this bar.” Tradd then took an Uber back to his parents’ house on Murray Boulevard.

Bouncer James Reilly said this type of thing happens all the time. “These overgrown spoiled douchebags think they own the entire town. And what does his mom working at MUSC have to do with anything? She’d probably be mortified to see him behaving this way.”

Things are expected to get very awkward when Tradd has to return to the bar and retrieve his debit card later this afternoon. Tradd’s mom couldn’t be reached for comment.

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  1. Sounds like Scientologist.

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