Daniel Island Woman Recovering After Ride in Economy Uber Car


A Daniel Island woman is recovering after riding safely in an economy Uber car on Saturday night. The victim, Carla Peterson, was using the convenient car service for the first time and grossly overestimated the quality of car she would be receiving.

“I thought I was being picked up by a Benz or a Lexus SUV,” said Peterson. “When I saw a Ford Fiesta pull up to Red Drum, I almost threw up in my mouth a little bit.”

The Ford Fiesta was reportedly clean, but had an intense smell of pine trees. Peterson was confused by the experience inside the car. “I asked the driver if he had a towel to lay down so I didn’t have to touch the cloth interior, but he didn’t. Then I asked him to put on 80’s on 8, but he said he didn’t have satellite radio. I was forced to listen to commercials. It was horrifying.”

Peterson had no choice but to take the Uber car because her husband, Beckett, wouldn’t pick up his cell phone when she called him for a ride. It was later determined that he drank too much during an afternoon golf round at the Daniel Island Country Club, then passed out sitting up on the living room couch with a freshly opened beer spilled in his lap.

The victim’s neighbor, Bunny Taylor, is helping her recover by doing lots of shopping at Anthropologie and drinking several bottles of pinot noir. “We’re going to get her through this,” said Taylor. “She’s a fighter. After a few deluxe all-day spa sessions, I know she’ll bounce right back.”


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  1. I find that the satire could be more humorous and contain more wit….comes off as too pretentious, and I know that’s the joke, but it’s a lazy mind that creates from the obvious.

  2. She should have ordered an Uber Premium. All of those MUST have leather seating and either XM/Sirius or an Aux cord to the audio system. Drivers only apply Chanel aftershave or perfume and are affiliated with only the best Country Clubs in the Charleston area on their off time (Yeamans Hall being one of the better ones) I sincerely understand the stress of having to ride in one of the lesser quality vehicles and hope the lady recovers soon having learned a valuable life lesson. The scars of such an experience should wear off soon and I am sure the next time she will be motivated in the more correct request category. (Hopefully Uber Premium during a 4.9X surge)

  3. I’m guessing Jessica was with Carla of DI and is heading up the support group. Perhaps while en route to her next meeting she should hunt for a freaking sense of humor.

  4. I thought Jessica was the real name for Bunny.

  5. There should be a similar article for My Pretentious SC (29464). My a headline like: “Mt Pretentious residents appalled at gas prices below $2.00! Certainly our gas is better than that of the rest of the greater Charleston metro area!”

  6. Penelope Peniston | January 6, 2016 at 1:41 pm |

    Interesting – Carla anticipated a Benz or something along those lines… James Y. responds that she should have requested a premium. I happen to know beyond the shadow of a doubt, James Y’s. “Uber Premium” vehicle is one that’s sub-par to even a Honda or Toyota with CLOTH seats! I’ll go further, James Y’s. Dodge Journey (oops, did I say that out loud?) doesn’t even sport “Real Leather”.

    P.s. Hopefully Jimmy boy sees the humor in this post. Oh wait, maybe it’s not really supposed to be humorous. Maybe it’s just a hi jack like he does to everyone else.

  7. Sine nomine | January 6, 2016 at 3:04 pm |

    Be nice “Jessica”. Hurry along now dear or you’ll be late for your tennis lesson.

  8. UBER SUCKS…..they over charge every time no matter what the estimate is, they ALWAYS find a way or excuse to up it by $20-$40 dollars. NEVER AGAIN…. and 90% of the drivers are gross, scary men.

    • Right over your head huh?

    • Uber driver | February 1, 2016 at 3:10 pm |

      You obviously haven’t been in an uber lately. Drivers are extremely lucky to get a $20 ride. And maybe if the driver is unsatisfactory for your tastes, you could report the driver to uber if they’re that bad, or simply cancel and request another ride.

  9. If I thought this was for real it would be typical. I lived on DI for a year, and was so sick of the nasty spoiled brat kids and the people with their noses so far in the air they couldn’t see the real world.

  10. An AUX cord? Surely you jest #Bluetooth #DontTouch

  11. I live on DI and understand poor Carla’s frustration. Imagine, riding in a non-luxury vehicle. It’s a wonder she survived.

  12. I live on DI and I find this piece of satire fenominal. The best part is that there are a lot of people here like “Carla” who have a ‘high standard of living’ (albeit less extreme) but cannot afford to support it. There have been many times DI people have gotten themselves into sticky financial situations to keep their superficial affluent appearance. They would rather have their home foreclosed than purchase a smaller, less extravagant, affordable option. They would rather ride in the luxury, leather seated, satellite radio Mercedes uber for all of 5minutes than hail a yellow cab and pay a great deal less, because, honestly, does that 5minute ride really matter. I love that someone is finally calling DI out on its bullshit, especially in a such a humorous satirical way.

  13. R.T. Shepherd | April 8, 2016 at 12:51 pm |

    Too doggone funny!

  14. Uber driver charleston | October 19, 2016 at 2:07 pm |

    I drive for uber and have not had any awful experiences. The men that drive for Charleston area are not bad and we meet up downtown often. I get asked alot if i feel safe as a female driver and yes i do.

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