Daniel Island Moms Hold Scouting Combine Ahead of Nanny Draft

Daniel Island moms held their annual scouting combine to evaluate this year’s best prospects ahead of the 2016 Nanny Draft. Nanny hopefuls from all over the world have traveled to Daniel Island to show everyone how much value they have to offer. Any mistakes at the combine could send a nanny prospect tumbling down the draft board.

Nanny prospects showed up at Governor’s Park and performed a number of different household tasks while family scouts took notes on clipboards. The nannies were graded on the 40 yard grocery haul, Swiffering speed, and grilled cheese making. Nannies were also scored on how well they blocked toddlers from bothering their parents.

The most talented nanny prospect in the draft this year is Elsa Karlsson, a phenom out of Sweden who changed 13 diapers in one minute. The Lewis family is looking to trade up to the first pick to take Elsa. Tim Lewis said, “A rare talent like Elsa only comes along so often, so we can’t pass up the chance to take her.” Elsa’s agent has already said that she won’t show up to work without a long-term deal with guaranteed cash.

Once projected to be a top pick, Nina Suarez has plummeted down mock draft boards for off-the-job issues. Local mom Angela Taylor said, “We had our eye on Nina and were going to take her with our first round pick, but we’ve heard she has a texting problem and also has a loser boyfriend she likes to sneak in the house. We can’t be dealing with that.”

The Campbell family holds the first pick in the Nanny Draft and they have made it clear they have no intention of trading it. Beth Campbell said, “We drafted a lauded prospect out of Spain last year and she ended up being a total bust. She got home sick and went back to her home country after two months. We’re definitely taking the Swede this year.”

Nannies not selected in this year’s draft will have the option to try out as a part-time walk-on, but most will return home and train all year for a shot a being the number one nanny pick next year.

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