Daniel Island Men Unwinding With Their Mistresses After Stressful Mother’s Day

The men of Daniel Island took today off from work to unwind after a stressful Mother’s Day weekend. Most of them headed over to the Talison Row Apartments, where they keep their eastern European mistresses stashed, for a day filled of family-free relaxation with their sidepiece.

Cheating husband Channing Platt described the trying events of the day before. “First we had to do a Mother’s Day brunch with my mom, and then we had to go out with my mother-in-law for dinner. The nanny took the day off, so I had to actually deal with the kids all day. It was exhausting. I deserve a break with Nicoleta.”

Mistress Nicoleta Volanko shared her concern for her sugar daddy. “He always shows up the day after Mother’s Day so drained and tired. Sometimes it will take him six glasses of Johnny Walker Blue and three hours of foot massages for him to be functional again. I’m just doing my best to cheer him up so he gives me money to go shopping for a new wardrobe this week.”

Channing and Nicoleta are expected to watch her favorite movie, Fast & Furious 7, before adjourning to the bedroom. After making love, Channing will deflect Nicoleta’s inquiries about when he’s going to leave his wife, then he will pretend he has a work call and leave abruptly. Channing is expected to visit Nicoleta again next Monday as scheduled.

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  1. Always suspected this is how life is lived on DI.

  2. Fast & Furious 7. LOL.

  3. This only happens for men who live on the Park Side of Daniel Island. Get your reporting straight.

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