Daniel Island Club Offers Groupon For $2,000 Off $80,000 Membership Fee

The Daniel Island Club is trying to recruit new members by offering a Groupon deal for $2,000 off the $80,000 membership fee. The offer is part of a marketing effort to boost membership and attract a lower-income crowd so the club can break the stigma of only catering to the rich. 
Groupon is well-known these days for only offering steep discounts on laser vaginal hair removal and boring kayak tours, but the Daniel Island Club believes it’s a good medium to reach a new crowd. No one has purchased the Groupon offer yet, but club management is hopeful it will take off soon.
DI Club Recruitment Manager said adding new members will help the club’s reputation. “We understand that we have a bit of an image issue with everyone thinking we’re just a club full of wealthy A-holes with nothing better to do with our money,” he said. “But we’re confident this offer will attract some regular everyday folks, and this $2,000 discount will make it affordable for working class families. We hope they see that gaining access to a pool and a golf course for $78,000 is a real bargain.”
Daniel Island Club Member Olivia Perkins was nervous about changing the social composition of the club. “I don’t like this one bit,” she said. “Who knows what type people this might attract? Pretty soon we’ll be seeing affordable sedans in the club parking lot. It makes me sick to my stomach just to think about it.”
North Charleston resident Darnell Adams voiced some apprehension to committing to the DI Club Groupon offer. “Seventy-eight G’s for a golf course and a pool? Are you out of your minds?” he said. “I’ll just hit balls at Frankie’s Fun Park and kick it in my neighbor’s above-ground pool.”

Purchasers of the Groupon are expected to be extremely upset when Groupon finally goes out of business later this month, subsequently voiding all purchased coupons. 

3 Comments on "Daniel Island Club Offers Groupon For $2,000 Off $80,000 Membership Fee"

  1. Hilarious!

  2. I will also be chilling with Darnell because that pool is filled with real people and I bet they got real food.

  3. R.T. Shepherd | July 7, 2016 at 1:47 pm |

    Them Daniel Island hoitsey-toitsies can have their escargot, finger foods and sissy sports. Give be Bud, bowling and bikini car washes!

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