Couple Enjoys Nice Date Night Downtown Looking For Parking For Six Hours

A Charleston-area couple enjoyed a nice evening downtown looking for a parking spot for six hours. James and Erin Walsh got a babysitter to watch the kids last night so they could partake in the Upper King Street nightlife, but they never actually exited their car because they couldn’t find a parking spot.

James and Erin listened to The Blend on XM Radio while weaving through the streets of the Upper King area searching for a place to park their minivan. They experienced brief excitement when they thought they finally found a spot, only to learn it was a residential space requiring a special sticker on your car.

James was astonished that even the parking decks were full. “Apparently there was two concerts, three fundraisers, and a community play all going on at the same time on top of the regular bar volume. It was the Perfect Shit Storm for parking.”

Erin was really impressed with the energy of the Upper King bar scene. “Upper King Street looks so cool,” she said. “So many bars with long lines to get in. We got to see it a lot when we circled the block 568 times looking for a spot to park. We finally had to leave because we were starving.”

James and Erin ended up getting Wendy’s drive-thru and eating it in their car. Their babysitter was delighted to receive a Chocolate Frosty as a bonus. The couple plans to arrive at Upper King at 3pm next time to secure a decent parking spot.

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  1. R.T. Shepherd | May 15, 2016 at 6:15 pm |

    The powers that be have traffic so messed up that I don’t go downtown -even on weekends.

  2. Take an Uber! They will drop you off and pick you up.

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