CofC Students Slamming Beers at Joe Riley Stadium Shocked To Learn a Baseball Game is Being Played

A large group of College of Charleston students were surprised to learn that the place they were chugging beer at was also hosting a baseball game. The inebriated millennials had no idea who the Riverdogs were or that Charleston even had its own minor league baseball team.

The college students have been known to congregate on the top-level deck down the third base line. Locals report the students talk so loudly during the game that no one can even hear the stadium announcer. The students discovered a baseball game was being played when a foul ball knocked a beer out of one of their hands. The word spread and soon everyone realized they were at a sporting event.

College of Charleston student Felicia Barnes was astonished by the discovery. “I just thought this place was a really popular rooftop bar with an $8.00 cover that served cheap beers and hot dogs. I had no idea a baseball game was being played. That explains all the random cheering I’ve been hearing.”

Die-hard Riverdogs fan Henry Wilks hopes the revelation will make the college students respect the experience more. “The college kids can be pretty annoying when I bring the family to the game,” he said. “Maybe now the frat bros won’t spill beer on my children while they’re not watching the game and yelling about how awesome O-Ku was last night.”

Later that evening, witnesses report that someone dumped an entire beer on Henry’s daughter while pushing their way through the crowd to get a selfie with Bill Murray.