Charleston Startup Converts Chub-Rub Into Renewable Energy

A local Charleston startup has discovered a way to harness the friction produced between the human thighs and convert it into clean, renewable energy. EnviroChafe is comprised of eight young adults in thick-framed glasses who have developed a start-of-the-art chub-rub contraption to reduce the Charleston area’s dependence on petroleum-based fuels.

Chub-rub, also known as thigh chafing, is well-known among overweight community. EnviroChafe recruits high chub-rub producing individuals to wear their technology between their legs to capture friction and feed the power generated into the grid. These energy producers, also known as Chub-Rub Farmers, receive a small stipend in return for their energy producing services.

Chief Engineer Daron Tyson explained the importance of locating the best sources for chub-rub. “You can’t find good chub-rub downtown,” he said. “All these skinny-ass downtown girls have thigh gaps that are completely useless to us. We recruit Chub-Rub Farmers in only the highest producing areas–Chinese buffets and Walmarts.”

Chub-Rub Farmer Chris Planter said the arrangement is mutually beneficial. “The tech is a little uncomfortable to wear at first, but you get used to it,” he said. “Before I would just have red, irritated thighs after walking around on a hot summer day, but now I get paid for it. Thanks, EnviroChafe!”

EnviroChafe plans to make improvements to their technology throughout the next year and present their innovative concept to investors at DIG South 2017. They also have plans to expand their technology to extract power from Mickey Mouse sweat stains.

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  1. They love my Chub-Rub at Planet Fitness.

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