Charleston Residents Recovering From Thunderstorm Jerry

Charleston-area residents began to pick up the pieces this morning after their lives were mildly inconvenienced by a moderate thunder storm on Friday. Heavy rain and mediocre wind moved through the area in the late afternoon, forcing some locals to delay their plans to go outside. Now locals must find the courage to fix their slightly askew patio furniture.

Rick and Wendy Platt spent the morning clearing the damage to their property. “After the storm passed, we came outside and our worst fears were confirmed…our garden gnome was blown over,” she said. “There was even some leaves that had fallen in our yard. We had to get the rake out of the garage. It took almost five minutes to clean up. It was awful.”

National Weather Service Meteorologist Jordan Edwards discussed the decision to give yesterday’s thunderstorm an official name. “We normally don’t name thunderstorms, but we thought…what the hell, let’s do it. We went with Thunderstorm Jerry. It just felt like a Jerry.”

Daniel Island mother Jane Robinson said her family was rocked to the core by the storm. “All of a sudden, it started raining really hard and the wind came on strong. Then our hearts stopped when we lost Wi-Fi on all of our devices. Our children’s’ iPads didn’t have internet for almost forty minutes and they actually started talking to us. It was a traumatizing ordeal.”

Local Pizza Deliveryman Chris Barrett was forced to cut his Folly Beach outing short when the storm quickly descended upon him and his drum circle. “The mega dark cloud came out of nowhere. It looked like the space ship from the movie Independence Day. Then hail pellets started falling from the sky, which was kinda convenient because our beer cooler was almost out of ice. We took cover in my Honda Pilot when it started to rain.”