Charleston Chefs Ready To Phone It In For Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week begins today in Charleston and local chefs are ready to phone it in until it’s over. Since participating restaurants must offer food at lower prices to people who would never pay full price, there’s zero incentive to create anything special for the event. Both chefs and servers will do their best to endure the 12-day “week-long” event.

Restaurant Week is a chance for people to try some of the trendiest local restaurants at a discounted price. Since this usually brings in customers wearing tank tops, chefs put out a limited menu with little or no chance for special requests. By the twelfth day of “Restaurant Week”, chefs are serving deconstructed grilled cheese sandwiches and ready for it to be over.

Executive Chef Ian Collins said he’s aiming to create the most amount of food with the least amount of work possible. “Since we know that 97% of these people will never be back during normal menu prices, we’re just going to cook food in bulk so we can hit the bars earlier,” he said. “It’s probably going to be a slight step above wedding banquet food, but who cares. We’ll start giving a shit again when menu prices go back up.”

West Ashley resident Thomas “T-Dogg” Lewis wasn’t impressed with his last Restaurant Week dinner location. “First of all, they didn’t have any Bud Ice on tap, which was bullshit,” he said. “Then they wouldn’t bring me any alfredo sauce for dipping my fried goat cheese balls. What joint doesn’t have alfredo sauce ready to go all the time? I totally lit them up with my review on Yelp. We’re going to Bubba Gump Shrimp Company for a quality meal this year.”

For Restaurant Week 2017, many local restaurants may begin experimenting with setting up a hot dog buffet with fixins station so they don’t even have to pretend to make an effort.

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  1. You don’t need restaurant week in Charleston. It’s an Old idea, move on. You think you have to convince kids to go to Disney World ?!! People will come to the Charleston restaurants …

  2. Rorison Meadows | September 7, 2016 at 12:13 pm |

    Pretty much. It’s widely known that Charleston restaurants empty out the back of the freezer for Restaurant Week.

    Not to mention the practicality of it all: Here’s a short list of appetizers that don’t include the normal one you’d probably get. Here’s a list of discounted portion sized entrees. Here’s a tiny list of available desserts that you wouldn’t get normally because you’re full from dinner and want to watch your wasteline. Thanks, Obama.

  3. I find restaurant week very refreshing and as for empty out the freezer maybe they should choose a restaurant that doesn’t have frozen food in the first place. Thanks, George

  4. I thought the reconstituted Frogmore Stew was actually pretty good once it was heated up with that MRE flameless heater. Tip: If you mix the chickletts, the “Cookie, Sugar, Vanilla”, the “Milk, Powdered” and the “Cocoa, Powdered” together with boiling water and knead it, you get a dessert that tastes like chocolate ice cream! Bon Appetit!

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