Arrogant Chef Launches New Table-To-Farm Concept

The farm-to-table approach in restaurants has exploded in popularity in recent years as the demand for peak-freshness and sustainability has skyrocketed. Locally in Charleston, Executive Chef Sean Brock has gained international acclaim for the farm-to-table approach he takes at his restaurants, but he may face a new challenger with an opposing concept. Chef Tyler Drummond plans to launch his innovative table-to-farm vegan restaurant this spring.

“Any hack chef can serve fresh food that was harvested that day,” said Drummond. “But can they prove it’s fresh? Does the person eating the food know anything about how and where it was grown? My new restaurant will provide people with the chance to witness their food’s development first hand.”

Guests of the restaurants are encouraged to quit their jobs and leave their families behind so they can live on the farm until their food is ready. They’ll sit in a wooden chair to watch their vegetables grow every day, and the instant they’re ripe, they’ll get to nibble them off the stalk like a baby deer.

“It’s going to be a profound eating experience for my guests,” said Chef Drummond. “They’ll develop a strong bond with their food. They’ll get to name it and even tell it their own darkest secrets before eating it. It will be a culinary awakening, and I’m the only chef with enough skill to provide it for them.”

Even though Drummond’s new innovative concept is drawing local interest, food critics are still skeptical. Restaurant critic Evelyn Sanders said, “I’m not really sure if it’s technically a restaurant because it’s just watching food grow at a farm. Nothing is actually being cooked. Who in their right minds would pay for this experience?”

Chef Drummond’s restaurant will not have a name and will only be referred to as the Sanskrit symbol for the word “Origin.” It already has a three-year wait list and each guest is required to pay the $43,000 per meal fee up front. If that’s too much for your pocket, just wait until Restaurant Week when the chef will phone it in for a fraction of the price.

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  1. fred armisen | January 20, 2016 at 11:26 am |

    this was funnier when portlandia did it.

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