All-Star Dock Dog Continues Contract Holdout Until Demands Are Met

One of the Southeastern Wildlife Expo dock dogs has entered the second day of his contract hold until his demands for a new deal are met. Crowd-favorite Buster has hired super-agent Scott Boras to renegotiate his contract and is seeking a record three-figure deal guaranteed over six years.

The Southeastern Wildlife Expo (SEWE) is an extremely popular weekend event in Charleston where tens of thousands of people show a profound appreciation for wildlife before killing it for fun during the upcoming hunting season. The dock dogs portion of SEWE is by far the most popular event, and now some of the frisbee chasing dogs are wanting to be compensated for being the top-talent.

Buster referred to himself in the third-person when discussing the reasons for his holdout. “Buster ain’t no fool,” he said. “I see the crowds when I’m diving for frisbees. I know how much money we pull in for SEWE. Risking my body for milkbones ain’t gonna cut it no more. Buster gonna get paid!”

Archie and Sue-Ann Grimball travel from Oshkosh, Wisconsin every year to catch the dock dogs event. Sue-Ann said, “We just love coming to Charleston to eat fried coconut shrimp at Bubba Gump’s and watching Buster dive after those frisbees into the water. I even wore my Buster jersey this year. I really hope they get that deal done before the weekend is over.”

If Agent Scott Boras can’t get a deal signed before Sunday, he will shop Buster’s talents to the Chinese Dock Frisbee League. Archie and Sue-Ann are expected to leave the dock dogs event early after the stiff bleachers cause Archie’s sciatica to act up.